Grass Livery

We offer excellent grazing for horses that need a holiday, convalescent period or those that are  retired.  Our 80 acres of grazing is all securely fenced with post and rail and has field shelters or wind breaks.  With excellent drainage and no risk of flooding, we can offer turnout 365 days a year. 

All horses are checked each morning, lunchtime and evening with rugs dealt with as necessary and any medication administered.  Hard feed and hay is tailored to each horse's requirements.

We run horses in herds divided according to sex and age as well as their requirements in terms of any restriction needed on grazing.


In addition to grazing we have 29 boxes for horses requiring stabled livery or for spelling.  Our stables are all well ventilated with rubber matting & drinkers.  Horses requiring rehabilitation can be cared for on a livery package including daily horse walker sessions and our equine weighing scales enable monitoring for horses' weight if needed and our veterinary team, Wessex Equine Vets, are always on hand if needed. 

We deal with all treatments needed such as farrier, worm treatment, dental checks and vaccinations and record all treatments given by us or our vets on our database for future reference.

We offer account facilities and itemised bills are sent at month end.  Veterinary, farrier or other 3rd party services are charged on as used.

Owners are welcome to visit as often as they wish and we update by text or phone if needed, of course any emergencies are dealt with urgently.

If you are looking to find out more, get in touch and arrange to visit us!